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The latest adventure from Toni and Steve! Abandoned as an infant, 15-year-old Bonnie Hartwright doesn't know who she really is. And that just might get her killed.
After her latest scrape with the law, Bonnie is abruptly carted off to a “reform sailing camp” on the Carolina coast. There, she discovers the camp is actually a training compound of a centuries-old secret society, all of whose members are descendants of a notorious female pirate. Bonnie and her fellow teen internees, all denizens of the digital age, must now master the old ways of sword and sail as they prepare to battle a mysterious, unnamed enemy. During weeks of training, Bonnie finds herself drawn to both Wilder, a charismatic thief, and Reed, the grandson of the group's leader, a boy who carries the weight of a family legacy on his shoulders. 
But a secret is being withheld from Bonnie, one that could end up proving lethal. Before it's too late, she must uncover the truth about herself or face certain death in a watery grave.
In The Pirate's Curse: Brigands of the Compass Rose, Runkle and Webb put a modern-day twist on the swashbuckling page-turners of the past, blending action, romance, and heavy dose of black magic into a thrilling YA adventure like no other!