Meet Kat Connors, of Carmel, Indiana. Trendsetter, fashion blogger, and Glitter Girl Cosmetics' newest Alpha Girl. Kat is tapped to try out all of Glitter Girl's hottest beauty products before they hit the stores. Under the watchful eye of Chelsea Ambrose, a super-pretty, but ambitious young executive, Kat gets to invite 20 friends to the Biggest Slumber Party in the History of Girl World! Forty-eight hours after she blogs about the goodies in the new line, every girl at her school is sporting the gear. Kat's popularity skyrockets, but Jules - Kat's BFF - seems to be the only one who's not buying into the Glitter Girl lifestyle. Is Kat willing to sacrifice her friendship for life in the fab lane? Find out in Glitter Girl, the debut novel from Toni Runkle & Stephen Webb, available at booksellers now! 

What would you do if you were offered 

everything you ever wanted?

Toni Runkle & Steve Webb